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DFK, BBBJ, DATY, MSOG. Book her via e-mail at or send text, WhatsApp or call at 664 770 8039




Darla & Carmin


3,200 PESOS OR 180 USD 1 HOUR

6,400 PESOS OR 360 USD 2 HOUR


2,600 pesos or 145 USD

All the girls are 18 and older.

Fees paid are for companionship only and if anything else happens between us, as adults, it is as a matter of mutual choice. All the photos, fantasy scenarios and comments in this site are purely that and they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation.

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Joe Farr

Added on January 20, 2018

Decided to fulfill my fantasy of a threesome with Alma and Andrea. Was able to set up an appointment easily for a 2hr session. Alma showed up first looking hot then Andrea looking gorgeous, we talked a little bit. Then we all started taking off our cloths and began with both going down on the shaft! Best oral I’ve ever had, they treated me like a king and I didn’t want it to end. Both girls have a tight body and they where a pleasure. Gracias a las Dos!

Added on June 4, 2017

I just enjoyed the company of Adriana and Sherlyn. First off it is quite apparent they are true friends, although much more intimate than most friend. It was not what I expected but I suspect it was more statistfying. The two girls couldn't be more different. Adriana has a wild look with her bright pink hair, While Sherilyn has that beautiful girl next door look. It started simple enough with each girls taking turns giving me a blow job while the other snacked on her friend. It is so hot looking into the eyes of a beautiful sweet looking women while she is licking the behind of a another beautiful woman whom is snacking on you. Then it got crazy,it seem like every direction was some naughty bits of a a real beauty just begging to be touched or licked. Along with more blow job I couldn't take it. It was still early and I figured I'd get another go. But here is the strange part the three of us just cuddled. It felt so good and relaxing I didn't care that I didn't get that second go. I was sad to see them leave but I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thanks ladies
William Smith

Added on March 3, 2017

I've done a few of these. Recommend you pay for a minimum of 90 minutes, but ideally 2 houses Everything just seems to take longer and the visual eye candy is worth not trying to rush through. On a couple other occasions prior to Musastj I had splurged for a threesome only to realize I was really just paying one girl to do essential nothing until I was ready to switch girls. Watching two chicks lightly kiss and touch each others breasts is the typical "threesome". This was NOT that. This was an actual fantasy experience checked off my bucket list. I have asked most of the Musastj girls about threesomes and there are a couple who would, in my opinion, not be fun, but most seem into it. Also, if you have been with each girl individually at least once prior and the girls have been wirh each other in a prior threesome then they (the girls) will be far more open and receptive. Otherwise the girls are less likely to be assertive in their girl-on-girl activities. Alma and Ashley made me feel I was the star-actor and director of my own porno. Adriana and Sherlyn were the most obviously bi-interested and showed me some more advanced threesoeme activities. Laura was a little to self conscious the time she paired with another girl and me. Adrianna was nervous and overly chatty during her first time witu big Ashley and Sherlyn, but her second time was crazy good. This is a must not miss exerience.

Added on September 24, 2016

Had the pleasure of seeing two delightful ladies, Natalie and Alma! They wore me out. Recommend both.

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