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This time let's try something else

We have been very active this week, we need time to sit down and enjoy some of the series you recommended. Black Mirror got recommended 2 times so it was time to watch it, but when the TV was alone Miss Abigail was there all of a sudden and ended up watching again that horrible TV show. Forgive her because she cooks so well.

Speaking of Abigail, Darla had a hard time trying to figure out who she is, and interrogated her in what looked like a very awkward but also very funny scene.

Mya is back in town for a limited time, she is always in high demand so you know she will be a good experience for sure,  don’t much how time she will stay so don’t  go asking if she will be back soon if you don’t book her.  On the new talent we can see Caroline, a very sexy girl and you can see what her best asset is. Destiny just joined and we will see how she does.

Now, sorry but the Musas won’t go out too late in the night, many people calling and insisting at 2:00 a.m. but we all need to sleep and it is dangerous when in the night many drunk people drive and many thieves get take advantage of the dark to steal.

Frida bad luck keeps going, she couldn’t go up higher than the 7th floor in the Grand while other Musas just before she went up to the 15th without problems, she didn’t know what to do and spend like 20 minutes going up and down without any luck until somehow a miracle happened and she was at the 15th.

Agatha is taking some days off, around 4 days she will

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Let's dance in slow motion

Exhausting weekend and so glad we got Sunday to rest, eat, watch some series and go out to tj's nightlife. Any series you can recommend to watch on Netflix? We finished many now, some of them are Adilene's sister choice so don't think we have such a bad taste lol.

We already watched The 100, Vis a Vis, Orange is the new black, Stranger Things, Bajo el mismo cielo, Terranova, 13 reasons why, The OA and Sin senos no hay paraiso part 2. The worst was Bajo el mismo cielo, had to watch it because miss Abigail takes over the TV and can't do anything. She also makes us watch a horrible TV show where people go and try to find love, not really a fan of forcing sentimental things up like in that show, but she loves to watch how they form couples and go out on dates. Maybe should take her on a date so I can watch the TV.

The gifts keep coming but we still don't get anything, someone send me a bottle of tequila or something lol. This time Andrea, Alma and Ashley got some nice things, we are happy to see that we have many nice and gentle customers, and for sure they get their special thanks in the blog, we appreciate caring customers and the girls too enjoy dates with gentlemen.

Even Katherine got a cake for her birthday.

We have some new talent, Diana, Eleanor,
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I laid in my heart

So today we had some hard time with the wind blowing so hard, even some places in Tj got their electricity off because of some damage made to the structures. We still had electricity but couldn’t stay away from the dust all day. This happens a lot lately.

Check out Irazu's new pictures, she looks sexier and has been practicing her skills on massages, some did ask her about her classes and taking some massage with her, so she is perfect for a relaxing session. Penelope send some new pics and will be going Solo only for now as Damariz is not working for some time, so Penelope lost her threesome partner.

Vicky is going out for some vacations and seems Anahi too. New talent, Brandy and Karely. Brand is one sexy young girl and Karely, as you can see, she is pregnant. She is one brave girl and she does greek and also cim, and for sure she is lactating.

An extra selfie from Frida:

Andrea got new pictures too and has her hours limited because of school. We are gonna put some of the hour limites some of the Musas have, as many don't work on a daily schedule but some of them can be found in certain hours.

Andrea 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m, she can also do from 8:00 p,m to 10:00 p.m. latest.
Alexis 10: 00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Adriana 4:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m
Selene 10: 00 to 5:00 p.m.

We choose those because

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Everybody knew that we had too much fun.

Has been a long week, Valentine’s day is coming and most love places will be full busy and there will be some time wait to get in. So, think about this when you come and also traffic could be annoying.  Will you bring a present for a Musa? I think some of them are having jealousy when they see the presents some lucky ones get.

Irazu came back and is full active now, she is also getting some new pictures, she comes and goes because she has some business she must resolve but she is trying to stay the longest she can. She is a sweet girl. Frida is getting some trouble trying to stay overnights but she tries to stay the longest she can too. She sends this for her fans lol.


Now, it seems the Musas like to send selfies, so here are some sexy photos for the fans.
Angie being Angie

Adilene sends Kisses

Agatha always happy

If you want to impress some of them, a nice meal is the best way to make a good impression, jeez, grumpy Alma seems to love this kind of stuff, even at the movies. By the way, she is a feminist to the core so she likes to pay for dinner instead of having a gentlemen paying for the date LMAO. She also likes to take control and eat from your food. Maybe she will pay all the bills too LOL.


Melissa is having some time off for this week, she is fixing some troubles and will
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