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When it's your turn

Again please tell Sherlyn not to lose her phone. She is in high demand with Adriana, it seems that due is a bombshell and it's nice to have duos that work well together. It is hard to find two girls that work along with the client and each other and this combination works perfectly. Adriana's photo in a club has make some noise, as you can see she is one of the few that shows her face and those club selfies are a turn on for many. Her petite body fits perfectly in that mini dress.

Check out Trixie's new photos. She sent those today and she sure looks pretty tasty, she is one of the superstars that cannot be beaten. I know I probably said that before but she sure shines when it comes to service. Can't go wrong with her as her comments are all positive. I've been tempted to ask her secrets but maybe I will find out myself. A rare case but we are happy she is with us as one of the best Musas we ever had.  She has a lot of energy and is very forward so maybe she will eat you before you can do anything lol.

She is taking some classes in the gym so she can use some of her huge energy. She will go to school soon but she will keep her fine work with us. It is nice to see that the Musas will keep her plans and keep busy with good activities in her lives. Her short dresses is something that many like when she shows up. A little secret she doesn't want anyone to know is that she squirted recently lol. Sorry but had to say it. She admits she is a screamer

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Dressed up

Ok so we had a busy weekend and some of the girls had also crazy days.

Adilene had a hard time finding the Grand, she asked her sister and she took her instructions and got to a totally different place, she asked everyone there about the 24th floor but no one could asist her as that floor didn't exist in the place she arrived. So when she finally found out that she was in the wrong place she just had to call her sister and well... I guess it wasn't nice lol.

Sherlyn lost her phone again and had to take some days off, for those wondering what was happening with her. My god, they always lose their phones, now we have weekly bets on which of the girls will lose her phone next, something is happening here and at least we will take some advantage of it lol. She is active again and working with Adriana together, it seems they do it really well since may have been asking about that duo.

For some asking about the ban list, yes, some people get banned when the girls report something wrong with them, some even get banned before seeing someone because of the way they direct when doing the bookings, if they make things that way we do not want to know how they will react with the girl in person, so we are happy to avoid problematic people. And no again, we do not give discounts for reviews.

Agatha got some new selfies, hope she finds a partner for threesomes since she's been curious. Fernanda did managed to make her first one some days ago, got the word she was very fluent and hopefully she will get
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And the bullets catch in her teeth

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Once again we have very hot days, hope it rains again after saying that, another coffee break would be good with some nice sweet pies. It feels every day like inside of a volcano, it is hard to stay fresh right now. Some fresh food for the hot weather too, with some sweet strawberries. These girls know how to cook, they are the complete package. And as you can see above, there are some very good ways to use those delicious strawberries, Penelope can teach us that.

 photo MNN_zpslryslgpj.jpg

Even tho, there are still some very good ways to keep ourselves fresh.

 photo VHV_zpsxu68xozi.jpg

Kim keep sending us her selfies, we will post some in her profile so check her out, she still is unbeaten when it comes to fullsize boobs.

Nikki's fan were asking for the old pics with the school outfit, and she just took some for all of us that kept remembering how she looks in that college skirt. She looks very, very hot in her outfit, go check her out. She is also one of the girls with the best feedback, no hit or miss here.

Adriana and Sherlyn keep forgetting their pictures together, they have been doing many threesomes but no pictures yet. Someone please take some if you book them, we are tired of telling them and they keep forgetting or leaving it aside. We need some help here!

Trixie lost her phone again, please tell her to check the right price for
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Rainy days are yours to keep

Well, just posted about hot days and suddenly started to rain and lasted all day. Hahahaha. 

We all managed to get through the cold rainy day our owns ways.

Most of us just went for some coffee together and broke our diet by ordering some nice cake and cookies

 photo ...7865_zps33vn29nc.jpg

 photo .....2432_zpsgxozkg0z.jpg

 photo .....BEFE_zpslkxcnsch.jpg

 photo ...865_zps9ocoln8z.jpg

Guess which Musa likes to cook, she does it very well
 photo ...004232_zpsdhdyx30l.jpg

Alma wanted to make it last all night, as usual

 photo ...090_zpsolfi0dvg.jpg

Angel just took a simpler solution this time lol
 photo ....9898_zpskucecog2.jpg

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