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Shake along with me

3 days ago a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico city and affected at least 5 more states. At least 40 buildings collapsed and there's over 200 deaths so far. People are volunteering for rescue labors and many people from other states and other countries are sending supplies to Mexico City, Oaxaca and Morelos for the people that lost their homes, a beloved one or their job centers. Many help has been sent for Mexico City, if you are one of the people that are donating please do it to Oaxaca or Morelos states.

Many children are still trapped under the  debris of the destroyed schools.

The Musas also took some of their time and went out shopping for the cause, they brought tuna, water, canned beans and other supplies for the people. Alma tough of something else, the national army and red cross have a pack of dogs helping and they are using their privileged sense of smell to find people trapped under the debris and find in some cases the corpses of people that passed away because of the collapsed buildings, so we went and got some dog food and water for them so they can continue doing their jobs and some other dogs can continue having something to eat while they get adopted after being rescued. Many dogs lost their masters and other ones got lost so people are rescuing them too!




In happier news, Sherlyn is back and is now doing threesomes with Alejandra again. This tall snow white beauty is one of the best, so treat her well and she will return the favor. Denisse is taking some days off and will

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Sun and ocean blue

The the celebration for the Mexico Independence day was 3 days ago and the Musas had a really hard time moving around the city because of the celebration. Closed streets and many people outside making a lot of traffick made the day a very tight one. We are glad we finished and we can get to regular times again lol.

Guess which Musa is getting more and more spoiled


Adilene always has a hard time at the Grand, last time she got lost and went to a wrong place and now she got lost inside and had a hard time because her batery ran out and had to charge her phone upstairs. She got spoiled too and was happy because of her cake.


We had to postpone the enchiladas for next week, not eating that day at all so I will finish all the food, I'm sure Miss A. will cook some delicious food and will take advantage of it lol.

Now, something that you will need to consider is that from September 23 to 25 there will be no crossing by San Ysidro if you are driving all the way inside Mexico. The best thing to do is to cross walking and take a taxy or an Uber to meet the Musas or cross by Otay border. Either way, it is faster if you walk and take a taxy. This will last 57 hours and after that some of the lines to cross to Mexico will be closed. We highly recommend you walk to Mexico and
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In the shine of the sun and in a corner of the sky.

After a busy week we will make some time en enjoy some enchiladas made by a very beloved Musa. She loves to sing and often goes out of town, you may know who she is by now.

We have new talent and will be adding more: Karen, Emily, Kytzia, Selene, Aurora joined the team and will be working be good Musas. Selene has been before and she had nice comments about her personality, and of course you can see what's her best asset.

Adriana got some new pictures. Sherlyn is not coming back soon she heard she Agatha is here to take her place and work with Adriana.  Deborah got some new pictures too and her feedback has been good as we all expected.

Kytzia has a nice petite body, she has a flat stomach and is the lolita type of girl many fantasy of, she has an angelic face also. She will be one of the new stars for sure. We just wait to have some better pictures of her. We have been so busy right now we haven't been able to do a photo session. Hopefully  we will have some time soon.

Poor Damariz has to clean beans at midnight after a long day of work. Her and Monica are doing a threesome special. They took this for us but those happy faces all over kinda ruins it. Well, not all days we get to see something like this. Enjoy:


Angel left town for a week. So no present pics today.

There was a huge earthquake in southern Mexico, it is say that it was the biggest one in a century. Some of the Musas
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We can escape to the great sunshine.

Been feeling so sleepy this week. For sure need some rest.

Vicky, Fernanda, Anahi, Adilene and Kylie have new pictures, check them out. Adriana, Alma and Irazu are back for those that were waiting for them. They are two popular Musas and Alma can do threesomes with Ashley again, good reinforcements are here now that they came back.

It seems Andrea is enjoying her vacations now in far far away, she sends this telling us that she is chilling and doing well.


September is here now and our third anniversary is comming soon in this month. We probably will make a big party like the one last year with some of the Musas; enjoying some drinks, music and a nice room where we can party all night. Hangover will be big but also well worth it for sure. Only request for the Musas is that no banda music or at least only some songs. This time we won't forget the Jack Daniels.

Angel is having fun lately.

Zayde says hi to all her fans.

So bad that Sherlyn is gone now, Zayde and Sherlyn's sisters threesome was so hot. Zayde is a tall snow white, she is one of the prettiest Musas we have. Now that Andrea is gone, Fernanda has no threesome partner but maybe she will bring a friend that will not be listed with us and will work only with her. Still to be confirmed and if she says yes her availability will
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