A little about everyday

She made her booty twerk

Maybe we will rest a bit from the really hot weather, we have some probabilities of a rainy day starting tonight, it's not really comfortable for all of you who cross the border but it's not a sure thing yet.

Trixie got some new pictures. Her pair of boobs are one of the best around, so we heard. As Kim returned, they are the best option for us we like big boobs. Trixie is a nice partner for watching movies too, that's a little secret, don't go telling her I write about her lol.


She also gives a very nice massage, she uses this when she is working you with her hands.

Agatha and Adriana are working hard now that their fans know they do threesomes. Jazmin joined as well and she does threesomes with Adriana, hopefully more will join and start working together. And look what they showed us, probably they will use these in one of of the threesomes.


We are happy to see that the Musas keep up with school and do their homework. Some of them are still thinking what career they will choose but we know that they have very good capabilities and they can succeed in any field. Let's hope they keep up the good work.



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Release the beast

We are taking a break right now and having some dinner. It's nice to share some stories and drinks in company of nice people, and of course tacos and quesadillas are the main plate.


Maybe you already saw Angel in the e-mails.


Ok now, we have some news:

Jazmin, Mirley and Anahi returned. Anahi took some new selfies and she looks very, very hot. She has received good feedback about her service so I will dare to recommend her. You need to see her, she and Nathaly look like sisters in some of the pictures. Nathaly is doing well by the way, she is not in the Musas team right now but she may come back soon. The most important is that she is well and doing good.

Alma (AGAIN), Rain, Penelope, Damariz and Angie are taking a break. Jesus, we didn't expect Angie to have so many fans, but her absence is a hard hit for her fans, they keep asking when she will return. We do have an answer, she comes back this Sunday, so you can book her for Sunday and be the first after 2 weeks of vacations. I guess many people read about her little incident too lol.

Agatha and Adriana are doing well together, they got some new threesomes pictures and we updated the section so you can see the current combinations. Right now they do the lesbian show together so they are one of the best options right now.

Trixie is thinking of threesomes

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Shine on

Ok so this has been the worst week ever. So hot I can't move.

Been having some nice drinks and watching Netflix with a nice girl. She knows how to make points and is close to be the new Miss V.


Darla, Ivanna, Nancy, Anel joined the team. Irazu, Lexi, Dominic, Elizabeth returned. But Alma (again....?) is taking a break. Brisa and Angel have been misbehaving, so they got scolded and Dominic too but she is more of an extreme case.

Damariz returned as well and she is doing again threesomes with Penelope. She is more aware now of not going to room #1.

Angie had a date at 10:00 pm, and somehow she tought it was a good idea to go out and arrive at 4:00 pm. When she realized what time it was she just stanted there in shock while she was watching at her cellphone thinking how it was possible she went automatic and get there 6 hours early.

Adilene's sister knows how to make a good breakfast. Very damn good scrambled eggs with ham, she is a bit grumpy as well but nice girl.

Trixie squirted for second time in her life. She doesn't want any clients to know but we gonna tell everyone anyway lol.

Penelope and Monica had their first threesome. Monica is new in all of this but Penelope has been training her very hard so far. She should be teaching someone else in a short time.

Fernanda thinks she can sell these to get some extra $:



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House of cards

This is unbearable, it's really, really hot and I'm stuck here instead of enjoying some delicious shrimps in a coconout with a cold lemonade on the beach. The girls are drinking tons of water and some of them go swimming. Some of us just went for some seafood today and cold drinks. Seafood is the best in hot wheater and there are many good restaurants.

We already agreed on meeting next week for some more relaxing moments and refresh with fresh food and cold beer.

We have new Musas, new beauties like Mayra, Denisse, Abigail, Zarabia and Cereza. These girls add new presence to our already big lineup.

Trixie is practicing some Guitar Hero.

Some may ask themselves how Trixie or Sherlyn lose their phones so many times. Today one client told us he enjoys reading the blog and he noticed they lose their phones so often, funny thing is that Fernanda forgot a pair of pant in his room and now he must be reading this lol. So if they lose their pants, hell yes they gonna lose something 100 times smaller hahaha. Incredible but yes, it happens. Thanks for waiting for her so she can get her pants back lol.

Got asked why in Jorley's new selfies she wears a bra but no thong or something downthere, the answer is that she doesn't use thongs or anything else.

Adriana promised to take more pictures with more sexy dresses, we are waiting for it.

Angel is having a hard time trying to make dinner, so she decides to make it easier for all  at 10:00 pm.

By the way, what the hell is this? Adriana didn't want to tell.

Nice week!

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