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I’m not a bad girl

We are planning another party for Halloween, but this time we hope that the girls will not take over all the drinks lol. No costumes because Halloween is only the pretext, we just admit it, but it would be really sexy tho, but we don't wanna see them all in the same costumes like last year with wonder woman lol.

So, someone really made a good impression with the girls, Angie, one of the tallest Musas is happy with her Rihanna perfume and makeup, she wanted that perfume for quite some time she confesses. And, of course, another of our most spoiled Musas is still taking many souvenirs. Stop it, Angel, we know you are taking advantage of the blog lol.

Some of the presents they got this week. Man, this is crazy now and not Christmas yet, whats next? Please give something to me. lol




Maybe Fernanda has now her threesomes partner, Ashley can take care of this case with her but someone still has to try it. Any brave one?

Talking about Fernanda, she took a really nice picture in a sexy red dress, and Angel who likes to have all the attention didn't want to stay behind lol. Angel admits that Fernanda has a very nice and big ass, and it keeps growing. All about gym work and hard work, she has one of the best bodies no doubt, and even Angel admits it.


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High heels off

We have a very long and tired week right now, no time to go eating or partying at all, but we are still happy with all the work. Now, some of the girls are taking some days off. Abril, Kytzia, Adilene are taking some time. Kytzia will be back next week as she is in high demand.

Estrella, Gemma, Eliza, Yailin, Sofia and Navany are new joined the team. Brisa came back as well, so better hurry before she leaves again lol.

Angel and Candy are doing threesomes with no problems, they have toys they use on each other and are willing to take them to their encounters.


Damariz still has a hard time believing it is real when she goes to room number one after she cried when she went to an empty room number one because she misunderstood what we were talking about, and that was like a year ago lol.

Estrella just got in and she already more pictures to show, she is one gem of beauty you don't want to miss.
Anahi is better now at pole dancing, she can now give you a sexy dance with some nice moves around the pole in some lingerie.

Sofia sent this, enjoy:


Guess who got a present:


Many are still asking which Musas speak english so we will list them here.
  • Adriana
  • Agatha
  • Alma
  • Amber
  • Angel
  • Angie
  • Irazu
  • Yailin

    Nice week!

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All the lights are sparkling, it seems.

Our birthday was 2 days ago.

Many things we have to share and will probably release a book, after all so many experiences we have had along with the Musas. We had a nice reunion with drinks, food and pool. We had tacos along with beer, tequila, whiskey and, for only some of us, craft beer since we don't like too much the old fashion Tecate Light. And for the best part we tried some flavored shots, made with a burning touch. Some ex Musas assisted too and went along all night with it, we ended with a big hangover and eating street birria tacos but it was all nice and we had the chance to share many things.




We still need to think what to do when we reach half a million visits, but we still have some time.

Now, Trixie has been getting popular on 8 hour dates, seems she has some skills that many like and need to try for a long time. Zayde and Damariz are doing threesomes again, and Fernanda is still looking for a partner, she likes to give oral but she needs to find the right girl for her. Hope we can look for someone fast since she liked doing it with Andrea but now that she is gone for 6 months she misses the 3 ways.

Trixie sent this for the blog
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The Musas keep sending help to the victims of the earthquakes, they write a message on the supplies to cheer up all the people that need support right now. Angel got a penguin pillow and she is sending it full of candy and other sweet things to eat for the children. Hope everything get back to normal soon.



Angel also got some new pictures, I didn't noticed she has such a big and round ass, surely now we know why she gets such excellent comments, it's not only her service. She has a threesome partner now, Candy will join her for a new combination, maybe Angel will guide her well.



Look what Mya got, she says is for a good massage, she can massage every part of the body, all of it lol.


Talking about massages, Irazu knows how to give a professional massage, she studied massage therapy and she will be willing to practice with us too lol.  She is also studying chinese, for all of you who want to test her on your native language. She has many qualities since she is always reading and taking courses to learn new things. She also got some new pictures, she is sweet and nice to talk to, one of the easiest going Musas.

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