A little about everyday

My eyes are wide like cherry pies.

We are having some trouble deciding what color we want the webpage, but we will just try all lol.
Deborah, Katty, Laura are here now and we have received nice comments.

Katty has a tongue ring, something many have asked but so far she and Nikki are the only ones that have one among the Musas.

Kylie joined the overnight specials, she received nice feedback since she is a very sweet girl, and speaks some english. A very nice companion to go out to the movies or dinner and a very good rate for 8 hours with a young nice lady.

Ok now, Angel is now a spoiled Musa, she must love the blog right now. Only seen this before with Snorlax and all the Pokemon toys she got from her fans lol.


Fernanda is sad now since Andrea is out of town for 6 months and she doesn't have a threesome partner. It is hard for 2 girls that don't know each other to work together so she will have to wait and see what happens.

The annual funfair is here now and we will make some time to go with the girls and have some fun enjoying the rides and games. The food probably will be a big part of the night as well, and maybe we will go watch one of the singers that come as part of the attraction.

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Last week was weird as many girls took vacations. First, Andrea will be gone for about 6 months; so if you didn't book her now it is too late, she will be exploring new adventures far far away. Wish her luck!

Alma, Adriana are on vacations as well. Irazu will be on vacations soon too so this will be a giant mess when the fans start asking if they will be back soon because they were slow. Already happened with Andrea lol.

Another present for Angel. She says thanks to all, she feels very loved.


Fernanda can do a very good milkshake.


Kylie and Katherine joined the crew and you can see their pictures now, it's nice to have new talent after all the vacations the Musas are taking. Also you may have already noticed that Skarleth is back. And there's another legendary Musa that may come back from her lethargy.

There is a lot of commotion about the eclipse. A lot of rumors are going thru facebook and other social media, all kinds of false information and myths are all over us. Many say that pregnant woman cannot see the eclipse, and if they do their babies will be born with clefts, and also she needs to wear a red ribbon.

Another lie is that if you see for 5 minutes directly to the sun your pupils will turn red and you will have a new shiny eye color lol. Someone said that the

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Shake along with me

Finally we have some time off to enjoy a nice day at the beach. Had a blast with the water motorcycles, guess which Musa loves adrenaline and bikinis. And she also knows how to make very good burguers. Very nice after enjoying a day in the water with this hot weather. Been treated like a king lately.


Fatima joined the team and Kicie returned as well. Adriana, Agatha, Trixie got new pictures. Trixie now likes sending lots of pictures, thanks to who ever told her about the blog lol.  Ashley sends this for the fans.


We have almost half a million visits, when we get to 500,000 we will probably have a small party with some of the girls, maybe a special for the occasion. Half a million sure is a big number, thanks to all those clients that support us everyday, it is awesome!

Angie claims has a fetiche for cum, she likes COF and is willing to try dominating. She is a tall girl so it will be crazy to be dominated by a tall blonde, she doesn't have any spandex costumes tho, but she can get a whip lol. She also got some new pictures.

This is Andrea's last week and then she will go out of town for 6 months. You better hurry because some of you are still postponing and will be sorry when she is gone and didn't got to see her. You have been warned. She will be back by January.

Angel got a nice present.


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Tell me how high

So, someone did told Trixie we write about her on the blog, but it was better that way because now she sends her photos for us to see lol. She has been hitting the gym and sends some nice pictures showing her flat stomach, thank you lol. I must say I still love her boobs the most, she knows it, so I got some lucky pictures of her "friends" after lol. She will need some new pictures for the webpage for sure. Take a look


Remember Brisa's little chick? The chick passed away, and now she is sad because her cat passed away too; but the kitten was poisoned, had to make some time for a little talk when she couldn't stop crying. We know she takes good care of her animals but many people just don't know about respect for life.

Kim received some presents and cake for her birthday, she is one good provider so she is well received everytime as one of the best Musa the team has. She knows what her real charm is tho, those D's she has are her best asset.

Abril was taking some days off because she had to travel, but now she is back on track. She has a nice petite body and she was very missed when she was not around, by those spinners lovers. Adilene is one of the girls that compete with her, if you like blondes better she is the alternative option for you.

We changed the website a bit, we added the overnight

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