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What we gon' do?

We went and gave some food to people living on the streets yesterday. Since the beggining of 2018, we have seen how many products now cost more, many basic consumer goods prices keep raising since 2017 and this is because gasoline prices elevate even more and more each year. Even if the dollar went down after the first months of 2017, the prices of the the domestic basic food basket didn't. One client asked why we didn't lower the prices after the 2016 increase when the dollar went down, and the reason is that we didn't do it just because of the dollar, but more important, we did it because the living cost in this city went up and kept going when the gas price went up 20%  and didn't lowered at all, taxys cost more, trucks that transport food and deliver to all local markets need more money to get to all comercial places and because of this food cost more.

 A year has passed and the gas prices went up again in January, but we remained the same price now. The girls spend more on Uber or Taxy but they can make it with what they earn now. If they are happy they keep working here and more keep coming asking for work. More Musas! Variety is good!

Speaking of more Musas, Kytzia just returned. This is what we are talking about, even tho it's just for a day, it is nice to see that she considers to work from time to time with us when she can. We appreciate when the girls show preference for us. She is on pair with the legendary Kassandra. Shania too is one little dynamite, her skills can match both of them too.

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We almost just got caught tonight

Agatha finally returned from her family vacations. She is back to normal activities since today. On other news,  we updated the threesome list but there is a big problem, the famous sisters you all asking about fought and they are angry at each other, so that threesome is off indefinitely. I guess it's normal for sisters to fight sometimes but these ones are really good at it lol.

Alexis is almost here, she is breaking her diet and eating real mexican food. Now look at this real mexican style food. Those are the real deal if you ever travel down to Mexico City.



She is doing what she wants and traveling like she wished for and not paying attention to trashtalk, so we too are giving the whatever answer and keep supporting her because she has been doing well. We remember that she had to quit because of this kind of stuff but she thought it was not right to stop because of other people wishing her bad.

On breaking news, we didn't know, and hell she didn't know neither (WHAT?!), but Sayuri is pregnant. Ok, how the hell?! Seriously? .... Well, I guess it can happen, and she found out when she went for an ultrasound and it showed everything. She needs some cash to pay for all the upcoming medical bills so she will be working for now like Karely.

Adilene is making some noise about her skills, suddenly she received some nice feedback over and over, it seems she just took some classes or something, we didn't expect that.  Angie has made some noise too about her looks, as a tall blonde with curves is not easy to ignore.

Adilene for the fans

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La Dee Da Dee

Lately there have been many girls asking to join. We don't have that enough time to reach for photos so sometimes they have to send their own. Other girls ask to join and when they get accepted they fail and we just let them go, there are other Musas who work perfectly and we are busy enough and don't have time to pay attention and keep working with the girls who don't wanna keep on.

The last Musa that we let go is Natasha. She just didn't answered for her dates so she didn't work at all. On the other hand, some Musas that really went for the effort but couldn't stay long enoug, like Eliana who just got here for a day and then went off. Good Musa for a day tho, she should be a keeper but we can't have it all. Those who didn't book her, well, these girls are not for second options, they get busy fast or all of a sudden they could be gone fromt he site. Sorry for those who have been asking for girls that are not on the site, but you know what to expect lol.

Needless to say, Lily, Vivaldi (who changed her name too lol) have been working perfectly. Lily is doing threesomes with Irazu, and Irazu is doing threesomes with Andrea now, and Andrea is doing threesomes with Diana now. Well, lets just update the threesomes list again. By the way, Happy Birthday, Andrea! She has been answering the phone, for those who have been asking.

Now, we were just talking about a photo session and just

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Sugar and spice, make it naughty and nice

So, going out of town is becoming  a popular activitie, we must stop this or all the Musas are going to be inactive at some point. Alexis is getting a week off and will travel to Mexico City and will spent some quality time since there's so many places to visit there and, of course, delicious food. Very good mexican food in every corner.

Agatha will take a weekend off to visit some family and of course, Angel is still enjoying Europe. She is like a role model for the Musas now, but no one can compare to Angel.

Look at these wonderful places she is visiting.




It seems movies and Series topic has some success over here, people recommend series via WhatsApp and E-mail, and now that the rain and cold is on again we have some good material to watch in a rainy afternoon. In the last blog entry,  Scrooge (who received the visit of the ghost of drama), said super hero movies are trash, and some of them really are but many others do have some really good action, sense of humor. Action and Comedy together is not an easy combination, the failure comes most of the times when they try to combine love too. An easy plot with good action and humor, is way more better than Fast and Furious.

Those guys from Fast and Furious should be considered super heroes now, all things they do are impossible, c'mon…

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