A little about everyday


We had 2 long weeks full of work, even some of the girls are working Sundays under request, but we all need to rest.

Raquel, Romina, Yaremi have joined our ranks. Also, Pamela has returned.

Some girls have added CIM to their menu, such as Pamela, Madeline, Melany.

Have a nice week everyone!

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Time after time

We have been working a lot lately, didn't had much time to pass and write something. Not even a single "hello".  But now that we have some time, we and all the Musas would like to say Hi to all of our clients who sopport us, and to all the haters and copycats.

Quite some people have been asking if the girls work at late hours of the night, like 12 a.m., and the answer will always be: No.

The girls are not 24/7 escorts, they have family and other activities, and each one of them have different working hours. We also stop arranging appointments around 9 p.m., we need to rest too! So, sorry if we take long to answer at night, but we make appointments all day and need a break. Also, we take Sundays off because we need to spend some time with our families, friends, ourselves and have some fun without any disrupts.

We have new talent: Adilene, Alexandra, Aranza, Damariz, Denisse, Karla, Kiara, Leslie, Lucia, Penelope. Check them out!

Amber, Nathaly and Samantha are working harder at the gym, three of the best bodies in the escort scene. A must see!

Alma and Andrea are back after some vacations, we are glad to have them home again, Andrea has been a little emotional tho, but it is all good now. lol

Marianna took some new sexy selfies, she is surely knows how to show her assets

Hope we have some more time to write soon!

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Amber: A new rockstar!

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Amber has joined recently. We are very impressed with her stunning body, she is the exact representation of youth and energy.

We are very excited to have this young and beautiful girl. There's not much to write, the pictures will say it all! Her flawless body will leave you levitating!

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From first to last

Lately we've been remembering our begginings and how many, many girls joined us since then. Layla and Kassandra are two of our first Musas and they have quite some fans out there.

We been bussy taking the new pictures. The girls asked for it and we had to work very hard this week, and also, some new Musas joined our lineup, the latest is Melany.

We are happy with the results and hope you like the new pictures and the new girls too! They are all pretty.
Jenny has been a nice surprise to us, since all her clients tell us she has been great! Hope she does threesomes soon, she would be a nice partner.

Mirsha has been great too, her new photos shows some of her beauty.
Thanks to all!

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