A little about everyday

Another round, please.

Some of the girls periods synchronize on the same week, it's a shame since we had to cancel and reschedule the dates they had confirmed. Zayde, Alondra, Adrianna and Andrea have their periods.

Laura has been getting some attention right now as she is one of the few girls that start very early in the morning, she is very nice to talk to and very smilie. Zayde and Damariz got some attention after the threesome post, so Damariz is gonna take some pictures of her next threesome with Penelope. Lizbeth has nice comments from her massage skills, she used to work giving relaxing massages so she knows how to take out that stress, will try it soon myself.

If you think about trying Andrea, you better hurry, she's gonna take vacations in week, so you better hurry. She will be back for sure but she doesn't know exactly when.

Little Lucia is about to get punished again, she's being lazy all day..again. She sent a picture with her Sailor Moon outfit, but we cannot show that pic on the webpage, so if you wanna see it just ask in private for the picture, and we hope to get more. She knows we all want more and refuses to send more than one lol.

What's with these girls and their phones? They always broke or lose their phones, now Nicole is hard to get since she's been using a borrowed cell phone and since she has some fans now she cannot suply the demand.

Christmas is almost here, and I always forget to buy the presents and end up buying them all in the last minute. Will take some time on a Sunday to get some, still hoping Kim will cook something really good for us
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Make it rain

It was a cold week, and it seems it worked very well for the girls since the clients wanted some warmth and it was their chance to get some dates. Thanksgiving day was quite busy even with all the motion about buying all the stuff for dinner and cooking, and also long lines to cross back to SD. The line was insane in the afternoon and after 6 p.m. we reminded the clients of the long line to cross back since many people were visiting their families on the other side, many didn't care and the rest decided to postpone their visits. We ended early too, we needed to enjoy a nice dinner and rest.

 We stop making appointments at 9 p.m., again, this is because we need to sleep and rest after all day of booking and the girls need to maintain this job as discreete as possible, they can't get out of their houses too late just without reason for their families. This is actually the main reason the girls won't go to Zona Norte hotels, many try to negotiate that, but the girls just don't wanna risk their image.

Adriana has been getting nice comments, her and Coleth are new surprises, Adriana is a small girl, one of those ones you could easily lift and enjoy a nice position holding her. Keiry's beauty is something to see for yourself, she's easily on pair with Fanny or Nadia, two Musas who are gone now from our lines, but their beauty is still remembered.

Alondra returned and with Jorley got some new pictures. Michelle joined the team with them.

Little Lucia was punished again, she's waking up late in the afternoon and doing nothing all day, just as a realRead more

Like a bird

We ended this week quite happy, also the girls are happy about it because the adjustment helps a lot now with taxi fares. Thanks to all who supported them. We still want to offer good prices, if we compare 60 USD to 100 USD you get charged for only 25-30 minutes of non GFE in the strip clubs here in Tj, we see that this is still the best deal.

We still have some work to do with some new pictures and some girls who want to work with us. We will see what happens this week.

Keiry is one beautiful Musa we have been told, we can see that in her pictures too, we hope to take some pictures soon and see for ourselves, we are not gonna miss it . Kesha is still around, but we are not announcing her since she wants to go underground for now, just ask in private.

It seems that rainy days are coming, when it rains all traffic breaks lose because of accidents and the streets full of water, so we will need some patience with our bookings.

We had to let Aneth go since it was more and more difficult for her to arrive to her dates, so we just cut it there and if she is more flexible in the future she is welcomed to return. Veronica is getting more and more nice feedback, mostly her attitude is cheerful and, like Laura, she has a nice smile on her. Not to mention her body, her ass is her best. She could pass as Nathaly's sister.

Jorley is about to get new pics, she's been doing threesomes with Amber. Also, Little Lucia had her first threesome last Saturday, it was her first but it was just by accident too, Amber was…

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Never go to sleep, but keep waking up.

Just mid week now and even tho with the adjustment on rates we are still good. Thanks to all the costumers who are supporting us. As we said before, this adjustment is for the girls, we still get the same from each date and even tho we need to pay for many things to maintain the agency. So, it is fair for the girls to get some help, specially for the taxi fares for each date. The rest will go for their living cost: Food, gas, clothes, school, electricity, water and rent; which almost all landlords charge in dollars. The cost of all basic stuff for living are increasing for all of us.

Did we wanted to do this? We tried to maintain as low rates as possible as long we could, but when we talk to the girls and see their needs and we most of all know what they have to do to get to all dates and how much it costs we had to do it.

So far so good. And still not afraid to get people banned even tho it means to lose money, there have been many costumers that more than one girl complained about. Hygiene, bad treatments and other things we just want to avoid. And it is impressive since we have over 300 people banned and we still see many of them trying to book til today.

Sofia, Coleth and Keiry joined just today, we will see how they do. Damariz is having some problems communicating but she will fix that soon. Alma (again?), Brasil, Scarleth, Kesha are taking some vacations again. Sassy is a hard one to book too, we can't book them in advance, so you will just need luck, no more.

Marianna returned for the fans…
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