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Baby I can bet you'll never turn it down

Many are asking who is Abigail, she joined as a Musa a year ago but stopped working after a brief time; too bad because she is really hot, but you can still hear her answering the phone, and people ask if she can be book but she decided to go other path now. She is grumpy as Alma or even more.

Today she had a very bad experience as some lowlife smashed a window of her car and stole her purse with her money, new makeup and even some clothes she had been carrying. It all happened outside a 7 eleven in less than 5 minutes. The car papers and other documents got stolen too so she must be careful about that scum returning and stealing her car and also has some paperwork to do, she is under a lot of stress right now. Some pancakes will help her feel better.

On happier news, we had a nice meeting and enjoyed some drinks with Mr. Esteban. We talked about the Musas, casual and even personal stuff. We actually don't go out with clients even tho many have invited us (mainly to HK lol), at the end of the day we feel tired and need to recharge, but Mr. Esteban has our sympathy and we were happy to have a few beers and a tequila shot. By the way, we need to get those bottles he gave us away from Agatha or she will drink them.

Irazu joined too and it seems she is getting a new fan. She got treated like a queen, we are sure. She likes red wine and maybe she got dinner today at

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We can't post everything of the Musas, stop it lol. This is like facebook now with so many posts, hahaha.

Ok just one more, today we received 4 new member of Musas team, and maybe they will be eaten later lol.




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Quit pushing my buttons

Today is Shania's birthday, she is one of the best Musas we ever had. Too bad she does party a lot and it can be difficult sometimes to catch her available, but she is comparable to Kassandra. We think Kassandra is only surpassed by Angel, who is back in town by the way. Shania is one of the sweetest girls we have and we love her easygoing personality. Long live Shania!

Last week was exhausting, after some weird changes in the weather, first we were dying in heat and then we were enjoying some rain with a nice cup of hot chocolate and an apple cake. We have been trying to finish some of the series the clients recommended but either Abigail takes over the TV or we take turns playing lol. Even got a new controller and headphones because it becomes an adiction.

No kidding, look at that! lol



On some news, you can see Mirley got back and Mya also returned for a very brief time. Kytzia still come and goes. Some girls are asking to join but we cannot help them because they need a place to stay since they comming from other cities, we have to pass on them.

Paola is getting new

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We goin' up, up

So many has happened this week. Last blog entry for this week lol, we will try and rest. After some drinks, the next day hangover can be intense, one of the best ways to cure a heavy hangover is with some soup, mexican style of course. We want to show to all the clients from different parts of the world some of the local traditions and habits, people from India, U.S, China, even Japan and Russia come and visit a Musa, hell it is crazy and we are surprised too how this can be such a point of encounter for different cultures. So,  we don't really know how this helps against hangover but everyone does eats soups as some kind of home remedy. I guess it's more of a mental suggestion, so I join this practice only for the food lol. Last night was a good one and some of us got some nice and hot soup in the morning. Damn!




Even Scrooge made this soup, homemade and healthy food.


Not feeling that good after that many drinks uh?


Abigail needs to recharge her stomach too after a long night.


Paola has drawn some attention, a gym instructor with very nice toned legs. I must say she got me eyeing her too, she has some sexy nice face and looks fantastic when she wears a dress. She will be around for her fitness competition, needs support and we will give it to her. We don't know how long she will

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