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Ok, for those asking who speak some english, we are gonna post an updated list.

  • Adriana
  • Agatha
  • Alma
  • Amber
  • Angie
  • Candy
  • Irazu
  • Jorley
  • Katherine
  • Trixie
  • Violeta

Irazu says she is studying Chinese but is very difficult so actually she can hardly speak a bit, we got it all messed up lol.

At the moment only Katherine is doing Greek, Sofia too but she has limited hours tho. Ximena does it too but she needs to see the size, it's not easy hey lol. Even thought she is excellent with her service and always dressed for us to admire. She is a Diva.

Sherlyn got her phone working again, oh my god.

Alma is going on vacations (again..............), so those joining the line to see her; we hope she has enough time. She loves coffee just in case you want to give her something because she is getting jealous as she reads the blog and saw some Musas getting nice details. Maybe I will give her a sweater for Grumpy Cat since she doesn't want to give the custody.

Trixie has been missing college because she gets up late because of the Overnight specials, but she says she can handle it.

Ok so Abigail has been answering with the translator so she needs some practice still, just give her some time as she is training her skills.

For the 3somes, the most requested are:

  • Agatha-Violeta
  • Adriana-Agatha
  • Amber-Jorley
  • Sherlyn-Adriana
  • Alma-Ashley
  • Penelope-Damariz

If you have a hard time hearing on the phone, probably because of the roaming, send whatsapp or text. Usually works better. E-mail is on all the time.

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A cup to get it done

So, we are waiting for Black Friday but we are not getting any TVs, people always fight over a TV and what we need is some pans, spoons, forks, videogames and a tiger blanket lol. In Mexico it's a whole weekend of specials in the stores, or at least they want you to think they have specials. They just put a higher price tag but you will see it crossed as it was the real price, and then they put the regular price tag as if it was a "special" price. Some stores actually raise their prices more on some products and many people still think they buying on a special.

Here is the picture. God, seriously so many asked for this? lol We are no Gordon Ramsay but it tasted delicious, eat this with some tortillas as a Taco and it will be perfection. Tacos with the soft tortilla are the real deal, not the hard shell with meat. Both are good, but real mexican tacos are on the streets with hot salsa. Try some birria tacos after a night of drinks. Well, I'm gonna ask for this again, guess to which Musa?


Now check out, Katherine new pictures again. lol. Nicole, Darla and Alma returned. Alma got new pictures and she left a present for us. Grumpy Alma is back because she missed us too much but she is just too proud to admit it. She loves us and will make enchiladas for dinner too.


Again, we don't want to give discounts in exchange for reviews.In fact, we don't want reviews on any forums if possible.
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Food porn

I know, I know. Last blog entry we didn't show a single photo. I didn't think you wanted to see the final result after cooking. Are you all serious? 

We will have to cook it again, we didn't take a shot, stop asking LOL

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I'll try anything once

So far ths week is full of surprises, and a lot of activities. Have been practicing how to make steak seasoned with tomato, onion, chilli, pepper and salt. It is quite easy but each ingredient must be measured of course, depending on how much we are planing to eat, and we know the Musas are champions in this. Hell's Kitchen is helpful when we are hungry. lol

So, like we said last week, some of the Musas are gamers too, it would be nice if you can recommend us some Xbox One games, we are gonna try them on our free time.

Check out new pics from Katherine, Anahi and Ximena.

Katherine is been receiving nice feedback and sure she needed those pics to show her slim body. Ximena is another nice revelation, her best asset is her ass for sure but she is praised for her service and she keeps getting more and more recommendations, it is a really nice surprise for such a short time she has been a Musa.

Anahi is getting spoiled now, so she got new pictures too. Now she has been getting more attention and hope she tries threesomes soon, we will need to get her a partner tho.

New elements are coming, we can see Megan joined the team and as she came she left now. She only needed some quick help which she was able to find and now she is on her way. We wish her well. She is really beautiful, one of the most prettiest face we had among the Musas, she is pretty as the ex Musas Fany, Aolanis, Nadia and Kesha. Too bad she was only for 2 days! Now I am sad to inform that those who were not sure of seeing her now is too late.
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