This time let's try something else

We have been very active this week, we need time to sit down and enjoy some of the series you recommended. Black Mirror got recommended 2 times so it was time to watch it, but when the TV was alone Miss Abigail was there all of a sudden and ended up watching again that horrible TV show. Forgive her because she cooks so well.

Speaking of Abigail, Darla had a hard time trying to figure out who she is, and interrogated her in what looked like a very awkward but also very funny scene.

Mya is back in town for a limited time, she is always in high demand so you know she will be a good experience for sure,  don’t much how time she will stay so don’t  go asking if she will be back soon if you don’t book her.  On the new talent we can see Caroline, a very sexy girl and you can see what her best asset is. Destiny just joined and we will see how she does.

Now, sorry but the Musas won’t go out too late in the night, many people calling and insisting at 2:00 a.m. but we all need to sleep and it is dangerous when in the night many drunk people drive and many thieves get take advantage of the dark to steal.

Frida bad luck keeps going, she couldn’t go up higher than the 7th floor in the Grand while other Musas just before she went up to the 15th without problems, she didn’t know what to do and spend like 20 minutes going up and down without any luck until somehow a miracle happened and she was at the 15th.

Agatha is taking some days off, around 4 days she will be out of town so she will be with her family and out of touch. She will be back soon!

Angel is traveling around Europe and seems she is doing very well and having fun. We miss her and her charisma, we are happy to see she is making her dreams come true and moving forward to her plans with optimism. A little something from her.



Getting some sleep right now. Nice weekend!


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