The words are dinner

Irazu found her new vocation while taking pictures for her threesome partner, she seems to enjoy this and will she got some new ones as well. This time it got more and more weird, now there’s more and more girls and more and more food and beer. All the food and beer disappeared at the end even if there was some leftovers, now those are gone as well lol. Lily's pictures got taken by Irazu, and she got back a bracelet and a necklace she forgot last time, those have sentimental value for her and she has some strong beliefs about the image represented in those.



Having a coffee with Trixie, and as some lowlife tough he was ruining her day,  we could see how  easygoing as she is, and as a cool girl as she is we were thinking about people that doesn't have anything better to do than check out other people happiness and try to ruin everything, and the worst is that they don't even realize they are just haters.... or don't accept it lol.

On some news, Kytzia returned with more limited hours but she decided to stay weekdays for now and also we found a partner for her. Dream claims to be bisexual and will be taking care of Kytzia for now and will use her tongue on her too. Well, she was not shy about it and hopefully she they will work together well. The sisters, Darla and Carmin, are now good and working as before.

I know many are asking about Grumpy Alma, she is well and will be cooking come organic enchiladas tomorrow, then off to see a movie. Looks like a date, but I'm not that easy lol. We think the best for her is to take some time, rest and take care of some things in her life before returning as a Musa, she is a nice girl but she can't handle stress very well yet. Sorry, but the best for her right now is wait and let go of all the emotional weight she has right now because of her lifestyle and activities. It's the healthiest thing to do right now for her.

Angie is the new Snorlax. She will be lost for some days because she is sleeping all day now. Sorry for those looking for her but she is way to comfortable right now, but she will need to reactivate at some point, so maybe you will need to get in the line first as she has quite some fans. She is the laziest Musa right now so we will just have to deal with her.

Need to take a rest after a hard day. Nice week!

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