Shake along with me

3 days ago a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico city and affected at least 5 more states. At least 40 buildings collapsed and there's over 200 deaths so far. People are volunteering for rescue labors and many people from other states and other countries are sending supplies to Mexico City, Oaxaca and Morelos for the people that lost their homes, a beloved one or their job centers. Many help has been sent for Mexico City, if you are one of the people that are donating please do it to Oaxaca or Morelos states.

Many children are still trapped under the  debris of the destroyed schools.

The Musas also took some of their time and went out shopping for the cause, they brought tuna, water, canned beans and other supplies for the people. Alma tough of something else, the national army and red cross have a pack of dogs helping and they are using their privileged sense of smell to find people trapped under the debris and find in some cases the corpses of people that passed away because of the collapsed buildings, so we went and got some dog food and water for them so they can continue doing their jobs and some other dogs can continue having something to eat while they get adopted after being rescued. Many dogs lost their masters and other ones got lost so people are rescuing them too!




In happier news, Sherlyn is back and is now doing threesomes with Alejandra again. This tall snow white beauty is one of the best, so treat her well and she will return the favor. Denisse is taking some days off and will be back next week, sorry but can't book her before.

Alma is hitting the gym, she is as beautiful as always but she wants more. Better for us!

Now Trixie has limited her hours so you better not think too much about seeing her or repeating her since her agenda will be full if she continues like this. It's very hard to find someone that has her skills so we better take care of her.

Please tell Nikki to take some new pictures. We want more of that school skirt. We will have some new Musas soon so stay tuned!

Angel didn't dot any presents this time lol.

Nice weekend!