Let's dance in slow motion

Exhausting weekend and so glad we got Sunday to rest, eat, watch some series and go out to tj's nightlife. Any series you can recommend to watch on Netflix? We finished many now, some of them are Adilene's sister choice so don't think we have such a bad taste lol.

We already watched The 100, Vis a Vis, Orange is the new black, Stranger Things, Bajo el mismo cielo, Terranova, 13 reasons why, The OA and Sin senos no hay paraiso part 2. The worst was Bajo el mismo cielo, had to watch it because miss Abigail takes over the TV and can't do anything. She also makes us watch a horrible TV show where people go and try to find love, not really a fan of forcing sentimental things up like in that show, but she loves to watch how they form couples and go out on dates. Maybe should take her on a date so I can watch the TV.

The gifts keep coming but we still don't get anything, someone send me a bottle of tequila or something lol. This time Andrea, Alma and Ashley got some nice things, we are happy to see that we have many nice and gentle customers, and for sure they get their special thanks in the blog, we appreciate caring customers and the girls too enjoy dates with gentlemen.

Even Katherine got a cake for her birthday.

We have some new talent, Diana, Eleanor, Hazel and more are calling but we still need to make some time for everything. It's crazy, many things do to and can't seem to find the way. And speaking of crazy, the city is a complete mess around 5 p.m. when most of the people get off work and traffic is high, many are opting for the bus because the gas price went up again, so many things cost more now, since the avast companies need gas to bring us many things like food or other basic services, of course taxy fares probably will be really high if the Musas don't make a good deal with the driver. Many use Uber, it is a good service but all the Musas say they drive soooo slow, it must be true if they all say it lol.

Agatha is becoming the new Grumpy Musa, and we found out that Brandy is her fan, she hard about the redhead girl and wants to be like her when she grows up lol. Another Musa who's not happy is Angie, she read the last blog entry and throwed a tantrum like Andrea did when she forgot her phone charger last Saturday and wanted to interrupt the whole day just to go get it instead of buying a 9 dollar one. Not out fault so she needs to calm down LOL.

Frida had a really hard time changing a 100 USD bill, please pay them with small bills or they will take half a day looking for a place that accepts the money lol. A fine example if what happened when Damariz tried to buy some 3 dollar sandals with a 100 USD bill and they all looked at her like she was daddy's rich girl trying to impress everyone like Paris Hilton LMAO.

By the way, recommend us some good videogames, please. Nice week!


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