I laid in my heart

So today we had some hard time with the wind blowing so hard, even some places in Tj got their electricity off because of some damage made to the structures. We still had electricity but couldn’t stay away from the dust all day. This happens a lot lately.

Check out Irazu's new pictures, she looks sexier and has been practicing her skills on massages, some did ask her about her classes and taking some massage with her, so she is perfect for a relaxing session. Penelope send some new pics and will be going Solo only for now as Damariz is not working for some time, so Penelope lost her threesome partner.

Vicky is going out for some vacations and seems Anahi too. New talent, Brandy and Karely. Brand is one sexy young girl and Karely, as you can see, she is pregnant. She is one brave girl and she does greek and also cim, and for sure she is lactating.

An extra selfie from Frida:

Andrea got new pictures too and has her hours limited because of school. We are gonna put some of the hour limites some of the Musas have, as many don't work on a daily schedule but some of them can be found in certain hours.

Andrea 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m, she can also do from 8:00 p,m to 10:00 p.m. latest.
Alexis 10: 00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m
Adriana 4:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m
Selene 10: 00 to 5:00 p.m.

We choose those because there has been a lot of people asking about them when they are busy with their own activities, the Musas have their own lifes, many seem to forget that.

Adriana can work all day on Saturday and Sunday, she is taking some yoga classes too now. Alexis is hitting the gym and doing threesomes with Ashley and Alma now. You may remember her from before as she is one of the best Musas we ever had, she had to change her name because of some dude sending pictures and also saying and writing a lot of things that could damage her personal image to her family and friends and trying to trash her everywhere. Hopefully that guy is gone now but she still has to be careful. She just said lets do it and came back to work as she is not stoping because of a guy thinking about doing damage to someone else and decided to move on and keep working.

Alexis sends this for her past and new fans.


Talking about undesirables, some clients are asking about the banned people again, well, we don't like to do it but had to because more than one girl reporting that a certain client doesn't have the proper hygiene or treat them disrespectfully. Also, people wanting to receive discounts and special treatment or they threat about writing a bad comment on some board. We tell them to do it and don't come back. Shylls, please go elsewhere.

On some other news. Agatha is getting some nice stuff and some Musas did noticed her getting some nice perfumes and are asking how they can get stuff like that too lol. Just be nice and you will get one too.


Angie claims there is a school that constantly changes its location, and it wouldn't matter if it happens every week, and she also has some detective skills and can deduct stuff no one else can see on the news. You knew we were gonna say it, Angie lol. A little something from our beloved Angie. She is having excellent comments about her oral skills.

Well, we are gonna cook something nice tomorrow, Adilene's sister is a very talented cooker and will enjoy her meals.
Nice week!