High heels off

We have a very long and tired week right now, no time to go eating or partying at all, but we are still happy with all the work. Now, some of the girls are taking some days off. Abril, Kytzia, Adilene are taking some time. Kytzia will be back next week as she is in high demand.

Estrella, Gemma, Eliza, Yailin, Sofia and Navany are new joined the team. Brisa came back as well, so better hurry before she leaves again lol.

Angel and Candy are doing threesomes with no problems, they have toys they use on each other and are willing to take them to their encounters.


Damariz still has a hard time believing it is real when she goes to room number one after she cried when she went to an empty room number one because she misunderstood what we were talking about, and that was like a year ago lol.

Estrella just got in and she already more pictures to show, she is one gem of beauty you don't want to miss.
Anahi is better now at pole dancing, she can now give you a sexy dance with some nice moves around the pole in some lingerie.

Sofia sent this, enjoy:


Guess who got a present:


Many are still asking which Musas speak english so we will list them here.
  • Adriana
  • Agatha
  • Alma
  • Amber
  • Angel
  • Angie
  • Irazu
  • Yailin

    Nice week!