The Musas keep sending help to the victims of the earthquakes, they write a message on the supplies to cheer up all the people that need support right now. Angel got a penguin pillow and she is sending it full of candy and other sweet things to eat for the children. Hope everything get back to normal soon.



Angel also got some new pictures, I didn't noticed she has such a big and round ass, surely now we know why she gets such excellent comments, it's not only her service. She has a threesome partner now, Candy will join her for a new combination, maybe Angel will guide her well.



Look what Mya got, she says is for a good massage, she can massage every part of the body, all of it lol.


Talking about massages, Irazu knows how to give a professional massage, she studied massage therapy and she will be willing to practice with us too lol.  She is also studying chinese, for all of you who want to test her on your native language. She has many qualities since she is always reading and taking courses to learn new things. She also got some new pictures, she is sweet and nice to talk to, one of the easiest going Musas.

Some of the Musas recommend their favorite shows to watch:

  • Angel recommends Game of Thrones
  • Adilene's sis loves watching The 100
  • Alma is fan of Mr. Robot.
  • Fernanda is watching Vis a Vis

Not surprised about Game of Thrones, but I tough some of them would mention The Walking Dead and what many saw on the first episode: "Don't dead open inside" lol.


Sooo, still no enchiladas, and Alma is taking 2 days off. This is really hard, she gets mad if someone else cooks but now it is fair we get some spicy food made from a nice Musa, we are hungry! And we cannot cook lol.

The line is back to normal now, so we can cross regulary by San Ysidro. If to have the chance get a burrito in the car line, very tasty!

Nice week!