Because you're young

Last week was kinda awful, but oh well, we move on and try harder each time. It seems this week will be cold and rainy, so watch out for accidents. Speaking of accidents, Adilene had an accident and her leg is hurt, she is taking her time to rest and heal so you better have patience if you want to see her. On the other hand, Agatha returned from her weekend off.

Some have asked about Caroline, mentioned in the past blog entry because they don't see her around with the other girls, but she is around, she just changed her name to Carmin because she is a women and women are indecisive lol. She is making threesomes with Darla, who has been hitting the gym and will need some new photos soon. We will see how they do together.

New talent joined:  Destiny, Dream, Lily, Leah, Marley. Shania is back with new pictures and also Andrea and Irazu got new pics, Irazu have received some awesome feedback lately, seems she has made some new fans, her voice reminds many of Reyna. Alexis Texas also got some of her original pics, saying screw the outer that has been trying to trash her talking many lies.

Angel is flying right now to Paris, she says she loves all her fans but she is traveling around the world and will not be returning soon. Sadly for us.

And for the new Musas, she advices to try hard and be charming, then you will see many presents come to you lol.



Awesome recommendations for Netflix, we started to watch Black Mirror but Miss Abigail got her hand on the TV control again and we had to watch another show called "El Barco", basically the whole world flooded and everyone died except some teenagers and teachers that are living in a ship. Pretty basic visual effects so are gonna find the way to convince her to trash away that show.

We may instead ask for music recommendations, it seems the Musas listen to many kinds of music. Angie is fan of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, there is a song called "Closer", you can put on that song if you see Angie, just listen to what it says lol.

Remember Teresa? She is back but unfortunately not working, just wanted to contact and say hi, what she does want to is have some fun and relax with  music and drinks in the hot tub for a while.  Now, we think we may celebrate our half a million visits in that hot tub lol. She is beautiful as always and next time we hang out a nice movie it's going to be perfect.


We will have some rest now. Nice week!


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