All the lights are sparkling, it seems.

Our birthday was 2 days ago.

Many things we have to share and will probably release a book, after all so many experiences we have had along with the Musas. We had a nice reunion with drinks, food and pool. We had tacos along with beer, tequila, whiskey and, for only some of us, craft beer since we don't like too much the old fashion Tecate Light. And for the best part we tried some flavored shots, made with a burning touch. Some ex Musas assisted too and went along all night with it, we ended with a big hangover and eating street birria tacos but it was all nice and we had the chance to share many things.




We still need to think what to do when we reach half a million visits, but we still have some time.

Now, Trixie has been getting popular on 8 hour dates, seems she has some skills that many like and need to try for a long time. Zayde and Damariz are doing threesomes again, and Fernanda is still looking for a partner, she likes to give oral but she needs to find the right girl for her. Hope we can look for someone fast since she liked doing it with Andrea but now that she is gone for 6 months she misses the 3 ways.

Trixie sent this for the blog

Andrea is doing good by the way, she knows some of you miss her, but she will be back by January. She is learning new things and a new language too. And talking about vacations, Abril will take 1 or 2 weeks off, she will return but now we are sure many will ask about her and she won't be around, too slow.

Damariz had a hard time putting on her wet clothes after she got into a pool, she didn't had a second change so we don't know how she managed to stay all night lol.

We need some rest now lol .Nice week!