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Now my life is sweet like cinnamon

We are trying to recover from Shania’s departure, she has that same spark Kassandra used to put in all the team. We are truly sad. We know that probably she will come back, but still we are trying to find another shiny star that can make Musas happier.

Adriana returned and also Penelope, Damariz will take a long time off so don’t wait for her anymore, let her go and love someone else lol. Estrella is having some real problems getting to her dates, so we will just find her a partner and only send her on threeways.

Adriana will have her hour a bit limited now as she will only be available after 4:00 p.m. because of school.

Alma and Alexis have problem with their throats now, they need to rest a bit and get better so they can be at their best for work. Alma is taking a hot tea with lemon, honey and some weird thing lol.


Now, we read something a nice girl wrote and we want to share it with all of you:


Why an escort refuses to see a client?

While every escort is different, here are the four main reasons an escort MAY ignore or reject a client from coming back (as a repeat customer).

    Hygiene issues


    Cheap (ie: tries to stay longer than allocated time, unwelcomed, without paying extra, or gives less money than agreed)

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Got my blue nail polish on

We are taking a rest right now since weekend was kinda hard. We have new additions to the team and some returned after long vacations. Coral joined and also Adriana and Penelope got back after some weeks. We are happy now since the fans were asking about Adriana and how long she would take.

Fasha and Meredy joined too and they are available most part of the time. Katherine got new pictures showing her nice slim figure. Nice body indeed. Samara got a few ones too, she will have a session soon. Nice blondie.

We truly are against the girls doing her nails now, just do it on Sunday or don’t do it, it gives us a hard time and it sucks because they take like 3 hours just to do her nails. C’mon, seriously? 3 hours just for the nails and we lose a large amount of  work because of this. Seriously, we need to ban this practice. Here are some of the nails done for this week.




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Waste management consulting

Hello amigos! I wish everyone a safe, happy and productive 2018. I hope everyone had a great time during the winter vacations. I spent mine streaming the complete “Sopranos” series, for the third time in my life.



If anyone has still not watched this magnificent exercise in pain, hopelessness, decadence and dark humor, I urge you to do it!  20 years after the series pilot aired, it has aged very well. I don’t think we will ever see such a magnificent ensemble of actors put together again in our lifetimes. In spite of Tony Soprano showing how despicable, heartless and cold blooded a human being can be as the chapters keep coming, I couldn’t help but to find myself rooting for him. That’s the beauty of the series.

The big disappointment for me was Steve Buscemi, who happens to be one of my favorite actors along with William H. Macy. Somehow his character (Tony Blundetto), seems to have been created last minute. A big waste of talent. And what about the series finale? Probably the most controversial in TV history! I won’t mention any spoilers here. If you have not seen it, hire HBO GO, get the popcorn and beers ready, and indulge yourself in a Sopranos marathon!


Another series I’ve been watching (for the first time in my life) is “The Wire”. Also magnificent, brutal and glorious. But let’s face it: “The Wire” exists thanks to “The Sopranos”.


Few suggestions to our loyal customers: 

- No need book a month in advance. A day or two before your

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A little party never hurt no one


Two days ago we remembered how the three wise men from the east, who followed a star that led them to Christ. In our culture we get a ring shaped cake and inside that cake there’s a little baby shaped plastic lol, it represents Christ as a newborn. If you get the child inside your piece of cake then you must buy tamales for all the people. It is a fun tradition.

Well, too much happened this week and now we are trying to rest a bit. You can see now some of the Musas got new pictures, Kacie and Melissa who returned. Vicky too returned after some vacations and we can see that Alexis Texas (For God sake, no, not the blonde one), Samara and Latisha joined the team. As expected, Latisha is the first one to fall into the Musas Curse and lost her phone as soon as she got in the team, she will be off until she gets a new one, we can see she will take Sherlyn’s place.

Samara is a beautiful blonde who has been receiving some good compliments about her looks, so we are sure she will be a new star.

We know Angie will read this, and we all agreed she must get up earlier and not at 3:00 p.m. each day, she is watching Netflix all day. We call it Adilene's syndrome lol.

Now, Agatha has been misbehaving, so she got suspended. Even tho, she got some gifts she will show to you, taking on the advice of

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