A little about everyday


Hello, everyone!  It has been a fantastic week!  A big THANK YOU to all the customers who have sent us gifts. Please don’t. We are not worthy of them. It will make us happier if you give them to our lovely Musas. They are the true stars, the ones who run the show.

A lot of girls suddenly want to become Musas. Seemed strange to me, but then I realized it’s got to do with the need for financing the easter vacations (semana santa), which will start in a couple of weeks. We are trying to be extra careful during the screening process, but there are some really hot looking prospects!  I will keep you posted.  

I am disappointed at some of the beautiful Musas. Some of them suddenly stop communicating, and gradually start to disappear, throwing their lives away (quitting school), as if they were under a voodoo spell. It’s really depressing to hear some of the stories behind this behavior. The cause? “BRAYAN” (which would be a misspell of the name Brian), the favorite name, along with Kevin, of all thugs, losers, lowlifes, bums, deadbeat dads and other undesirable specimens. These “BRAYANS” are our biggest headache, up to this day. They bring MISERY and DESTRUCTION wherever they go, and have a will and determination to disrupt lives comparable to a cockroach infestation. Every time they decide to date one of the girls, it’s game over for a few months, until “BRAYAN” gets tired of the victim and selects a fresh one. There’s not much we can do about it, since we don’t interfere with anybody’s decisions. Really frustrating!

Last entry I posted, I was complaining about not having any interesting series to watch. I discovered (by doing some research online), an extraordinary series which already is at
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Only gonna love us

Yeah, this was a long day but also fun and with a really nice companion. Well, you all know Grumpy Alma is taking a break but she can't stay out of Musas, she will return as this is her home and she loves us as she loves Grumpy Cat.

Today she made some organic enchiladas (what?), well, basically all the ingredients didn't had any hormones, pesticides and other chemicals that are usually on almost every product we find in the market. The chicken and all the animals still had a horrible death tho lol. So she tries to eat healthier, and I have to admit that all tasted so good, and after the enchiladas she made some coffee with sugar substitute (oh god),  but just right after eating that well she just had to get a cigarette LMAO.



Went to the movies and we saw Winchester, the movie was based on the story of the Winchester House that it's supposed to be haunted by  the ghosts of people killed with Winchester riffles, and the poor lady that lived there had to keep building 24/7 or she would die because of the ghosts, so she kept her workers all day and night building all over the house to make it like a labyrinth to confuse all the spirits that stayed there. The house was bigger and bigger each time and now its open to public visits. The movie was not bad and poor Alma was scared each time someone appeared all of a sudden like in all horror movies. It was an excellent afternoon, she will still give her some time tho, just let her rest and maybe she will return fresh

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The words are dinner

Irazu found her new vocation while taking pictures for her threesome partner, she seems to enjoy this and will she got some new ones as well. This time it got more and more weird, now there’s more and more girls and more and more food and beer. All the food and beer disappeared at the end even if there was some leftovers, now those are gone as well lol. Lily's pictures got taken by Irazu, and she got back a bracelet and a necklace she forgot last time, those have sentimental value for her and she has some strong beliefs about the image represented in those.



Having a coffee with Trixie, and as some lowlife tough he was ruining her day,  we could see how  easygoing as she is, and as a cool girl as she is we were thinking about people that doesn't have anything better to do than check out other people happiness and try to ruin everything, and the worst is that they don't even realize they are just haters.... or don't accept it lol.

On some news, Kytzia returned with more limited hours but she decided to stay weekdays for now and also we found a partner for her. Dream claims to be bisexual and will be taking care of Kytzia for now and will use her tongue on her too. Well, she was not shy about it and hopefully she they will work together well. The sisters, Darla and Carmin, are now good and working as before.

I know many are asking about Grumpy Alma, she is well and will be cooking come organic enchiladas

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Oh, C'mon, this is the worst we ever found here. According to always reliable Wikipedia (lol), this is a Latrodectus, , typically known as a Widow spider. We all haven heard about Black Widow spiders, it's the same one but this is one is brown. We read that only females have the reddish mark on the abdomen, en also the females bite could be mortal. This one has some eggs too, this really sucks.

Kassandra is not afraid of spiders, Abigail and I are. Kassandra takes this as a joke.

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