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So, going out of town is becoming  a popular activitie, we must stop this or all the Musas are going to be inactive at some point. Alexis is getting a week off and will travel to Mexico City and will spent some quality time since there's so many places to visit there and, of course, delicious food. Very good mexican food in every corner.

Agatha will take a weekend off to visit some family and of course, Angel is still enjoying Europe. She is like a role model for the Musas now, but no one can compare to Angel.

Look at these wonderful places she is visiting.




It seems movies and Series topic has some success over here, people recommend series via WhatsApp and E-mail, and now that the rain and cold is on again we have some good material to watch in a rainy afternoon. In the last blog entry,  Scrooge (who received the visit of the ghost of drama), said super hero movies are trash, and some of them really are but many others do have some really good action, sense of humor. Action and Comedy together is not an easy combination, the failure comes most of the times when they try to combine love too. An easy plot with good action and humor, is way more better than Fast and Furious.

Those guys from Fast and Furious should be considered super heroes now, all things they do are impossible, c'mon…

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Dog eat dog

The Academy Awards are coming. This year I managed to watch all the movies that were nominated for “picture of the year”. I think 2017 was a very poor year. Very few quality movies were made. i’m sick of all these stupid super hero movies, endless sequels and computer animated garbage. And Netflix keeps releasing new series like churros. HBO’s new catalogue seems to have been tailored for hipsters and #metoo advocates. There have never been so many series and movies available, and yet I can’t seem to find anything That keeps me interested and excited.

My favorite movies in the list of nominees for best director or picture of the year are “Three billboards outside..”, “The shape of water”, “Dunkirk” and “The darkest hour”. Worst movies on that list have to be “Get out” (should be releases in VHS format and given away for free with the purchase of a can of Folger’s), “Phantom thread” (pretentious BS), and “Call me by your name” /  “Lady bird”, tied for being boring and mediocre movies.  I think “Three billboards” should be picture of the year, and Guillermo del Toro should win the award for best director. What do you think?  

As for my favorite series at this time, I like “Black Mirror”, “Curb your enthusiasm”, “McMafia”, “Ray Donovan”, “Silicon Valley”, “Peaky Blinders” and obviously “”Game of Thrones”.

Change of subject:  We wish to thank one of our best customers (for the sake of privacy we will call him “Señor Esteban”) for bringing Victor and me these extraordinary gifts:


Gracias Señor Esteban!!  We appreciate your kindness. A very special gift, which I will save for special occasions only.

Several customers keep asking why we don’t send the “Special Updates” email any more, and if
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Just little sweeter

We have been tired this week. Finally half a million visits and of course we had to celebrate, so we rented an Airbnb near the beach at Ensenada, so we got many options to go to and have some dinner first and then go to the main action, but decided to get some feed and cook for some tacos. Some of these lovely Musas are really good at the kitchen, so it was no problem. Later on we made the cup challenge and moved on with the music and the drinks all night. Unfortunately we didn't rest the next day so here we are just wanting to sleep but still trying to make some appointments.



On some news, Alexis and Darla got new pictures, Alexis says hello to the haters by the way, go on trash talking. She decided it's time for new pictures and she looked spectacular. Phabiola joined the team and she is ready for the job.

Irazu is ready for threesomes but she still doesn't find the right girl. You can sugest on the comments her which Musa could fit her. And for threesomes news, Darla and Carmin are doing threesomes now, yes, they are sisters and they do the lesbian show. They are very open mind so it was no problem talking about doing all. Unfortunately Darla is very busy lately and can't find the time to do more appointments with Carmin.

They enjoy taking the pictures themselves, and save…

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Just 500 more visits for us to reach half a million!

Lets just go party right now


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