A little about everyday

Food porn

I know, I know. Last blog entry we didn't show a single photo. I didn't think you wanted to see the final result after cooking. Are you all serious? 

We will have to cook it again, we didn't take a shot, stop asking LOL

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I'll try anything once

So far ths week is full of surprises, and a lot of activities. Have been practicing how to make steak seasoned with tomato, onion, chilli, pepper and salt. It is quite easy but each ingredient must be measured of course, depending on how much we are planing to eat, and we know the Musas are champions in this. Hell's Kitchen is helpful when we are hungry. lol

So, like we said last week, some of the Musas are gamers too, it would be nice if you can recommend us some Xbox One games, we are gonna try them on our free time.

Check out new pics from Katherine, Anahi and Ximena.

Katherine is been receiving nice feedback and sure she needed those pics to show her slim body. Ximena is another nice revelation, her best asset is her ass for sure but she is praised for her service and she keeps getting more and more recommendations, it is a really nice surprise for such a short time she has been a Musa.

Anahi is getting spoiled now, so she got new pictures too. Now she has been getting more attention and hope she tries threesomes soon, we will need to get her a partner tho.

New elements are coming, we can see Megan joined the team and as she came she left now. She only needed some quick help which she was able to find and now she is on her way. We wish her well. She is really beautiful, one of the most prettiest face we had among the Musas, she is pretty as the ex Musas Fany, Aolanis, Nadia and Kesha. Too bad she was only for 2 days! Now I am sad to inform that those who were not sure of seeing her now is too late.
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We're gonna light one up

Rainy days are comming and I am happy that hot summer is over. I just can't stand the hot weather and I love coffee, winter is perfect for me; hot food and hot chocolate is the best to live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, the rain comes with delays, lots of traffic and car accidents. Valery already had a hard time with an accident but she went all well, she has a slim petite body but she is quite resistant we can see. We will try to slow down on the road, and will tell Adilene to do it too, we know she likes to drive really fast, she is another petite Musa.

Kylie is still around and available, but she doesn't want her pictures on the website due to people harassing her. That is so low, but oh well, we have to do it that way and if you want to see her just ask. Her pics are on daily updates by e-mail. She is one of the speaking english girls, one of the best options for overnights to go to clubs and dinner. She is kinky and sensual.

So, Damariz just got back and maybe she will be leaving soon, so hurry up if you are still debating to see her or not, many ask about them but then when she is gone they will keep asking because they don't see her on the webpage, same happened with Andrea. Doing threesomes with Penelope for a special price. This can't be beaten.

Ximena's service has been praised again, so no doubt I will recommend her with no fear. If we choose a Musa of the month probably she will be winning the bets right now. On other side
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Be amazing today

We got some rest this weekend. Halloween was kinda hard because of the massive amount of people on the streets. Taxy drivers had a hard time and the girls too getting the fastest they could. Many don't know but almost all the Musas make a 30 to 40 minutes way to get to their dates since most live in the corners of the city. Taxy drivers don't give them a cheap price since they too need to make a living and gasoline costs more now, so a 30 minutes ride will cost. Remember the looting and strikes because of the gasoline raise?, these are the consequences of those government actions. The Musas hardly will spend 100 pesos for a taxy ride. Many pay 150 pesos just for a one way ride. 150 pesos is around 8-9 dollars. Many have asked why the girls are not waiting outside the agreed place of meeting just for the client to arrive and give the room number so they won't have to wait, and here you can see why. They can't leave before a confirmation of that he's there for her because if the client doesn't show up for some reason they will lose the taxy money.

An option could be to get into one of those taxys that follow an specific route. We have to know some details about the public transportation, this option is way cheaper since the girls will have to take 2 and sometimes 3 rides to get to a certain place. The taxy will stop many times on the way to drop off or pick up people, to it takes longer too to arrive to the next stop and take the next one, and finally they have to take a cab that will take them
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