Hot weather is here, take precautions, drink lots of wáter. Some of the Musas want to us to take a day off and go to the beach, relax and have some drinks enjoy the sea and ride some wáter bikes, but we can't do that, many Musas want to keep [more...]
First of all, I want to say I’m very pleased to tell you that this Sunday had presidential elections, and the left-wing candidate won by a landslide. I’m pleased because, unlike other occasions, participation was very high and the process was clean and peaceful. I normally avoid talking about politics, [more...]
Today we had breakfast with a former Musa, she started her own food business, she really can cook and we are happy that she is investing in something she likes to do and she got the help she deserved from Musas team. This is something we encourage the girls to [more...]
Exhausting weeks here, there some minor adjustments and then the rest of the day we herd Musas. Now, we have some line to join up the team, but, again, many are former Musas wanting to return, we have to deny their come back since most are not ready and at [more...]
Hi there!   Just a quick note to let you know about the latest developments at Musas:   As most of you already know, Kassandra (aka Tokio) came back this Monday. I was shocked to see her pictures, she looks even better!  She will do threesomes with Bella and Alma, so all of the [more...]
Ok, so after a long week we decides to chill and spent some time with music, food and hardcore drinks. Legendary Kassandra and some Musas joined us. She had very good news for her fans, so YES, she will be back next Monday, she is taking care right now of [more...]
We have been fixing some issues for the last few weeks. Last problema fixed was the daily updates, and new clients can now subscribe again and receive updates.   Former Musa, Ariana, is still adapting to her new activities, please try to contact both numbers in case your message doesn't go through, [more...]
Hello, again!     We apologize for the downtime on Monday. Tech problems from our host’s side. In spite of that, we were able to get through the day. We are already working on a backup solution.  We have also started using Telegram, since it’s more secure than WhatsApp, and some clients are [more...]
We are taking a long to recover our sleep time, but we can still deal with it. Somehow this was an instable week, so many comes and goes but we are doing good still, many noticed Melissa back as well and new additions like Kenia, Cherry, Linda, Bambi. And more [more...]
Hello, everybody!   3:26 AM and I can’t sleep.  I have a horrible toothache. I’m experiencing severe pain. Wish I had some weed, morphine or something.  To top it off, some neighbor is celebrating Mother’s day, and is playing hideous Banda music at full volume. Don’t wish this misery on anyone. Not even [more...]
Was a long week for sure. We have some trouble finding time to relax and enjoy some drinks, we are facing some changes too in our software, so we need to catch up first.   On some news, Irene is taking a little tour out of the city, se will be back [more...]
We are very tired, but we keep going lol, sometimes we need to stop and take a breath but some of the Musas helps us to finish the day, it is a very nice experience to work as a team, working with people with a good vibe is something not [more...]
Very tired week, but we are happy because we are getting more request to join the team.   We don’t know how much time they will be working, many noticed Gypsy for Friday and Saturday, just asked if she was available but never booked her, and now they are asking if she [more...]
Hola!   First time I write a blog entry using the new layout. So far, the other interface was better. I hate the limitations we have with the number of images we can post here. In return, it’s got several new features we find very useful. I guess we’ll get used to [more...]
  Today was a sad day, we try to help the Musas when we can, and those who do not want to be helped have the doors open to leave, sometimes they don’t want to, we have to tell them to leave and they get mad, it’s something I don’t understand [more...]
Today was the presidential debate, most part of the people in our country don’t have faith anymore in politicians because of the ultra fails, corruption and stealing they have made for more than 70 years, nothing has changed, and life is harder and harder each year.  There is one person [more...]
0k, so we are more relaxed now and finishing the last details for the webpage, fixed some details some noticed in the profiles, and we also fixed Michelle’s rate. Speaking of which, quite some people noticed the arrival of Arabella and Michelle. Arabella speaks perfect English; nice body and her [more...]
Finally after and exhaustive week we get to relax this Sunday and enjoy some Netflix and after that after some time a nice reunion with "pozole" for dinner and some drinks. We talked about the new feminism tendency that many call feminazi, some stories about how we got some traffic [more...]
It was a really tired day, some photos with our new talent, the colombian girls are here to rock and they have all the lights over them. Ariana and Irene are the new starts. They won't stay forever, as we have said, these are not second option girls, many come asking [more...]
Well,  we have an exhaustive week. With all the changes we have been very busy but we are also happy because we like the new design of the webpage and we have way more options for new designs for the future. Right now we are receiving requests to join the [more...]
Sometimes all what we need is some sleep and disconnect from the world, hard week because of all the changes but we almost finish with all. You can see the Donations and threesomes section, as well as some additional photos and information in the Musas profiles. Mya does greek and [more...]
Apr 09 2018

A Real Muse

Play video. Who wants a Musas TV Show? [more...]
Some people still have problems trying to see the website. We are going to send an e-mail tonight explaining that cookies are not helping with this since the information from our last server is there and it redirects to a ghost website now. Deleting the internet history, the cookies and [more...]
Hello everyone! We decided all of a sudden to start fresh with a new design. We were too limited before and needed some more options to be creative. Now, all the girls and all the photos are here, this is still our BETA website tho, but it will be complete soon. [more...]